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Give a try to "Weekly Photo Project 2015"

Since 2013 I am very keen on participating on this kind of "come together".. No award, no race.. Only aim is to make new photos with respect to the given topic.. I have to admit that I was not able to make it happen for more than once.. I know it's a pity.. and for sure there can not be that excuse which covers all the time or otherwise it can not be the case that through the years every week an acceptable reason was given for me not to go out and make it happen..

Here are details ref. to the source of this article: "Weekly Photo Project 2015"..

After questioning in a very honest way to find out the reason I am pretty sure it's me, my willingness and workflow.. I have to adapt my workflow by having a look on my calendar more often and respect the entry reflecting the topic for the week started.. I have to mention that all the topics are known in advance covering all the year.. So in case you observe something in the meantime you should make a kind of note/reminder for yourself to come back to that location in that week where it's been scheduled for.. Of course it will be not easy if you are on a trip and going through Iceland and a topic after 3 weeks suits to a location in Iceland which you discover later.. Depending on your free time and available budget maybe it is not a challenge but frankly said it is not always that case.. So here I may adapt my workflow by having a look on my calendar and view the topics for the coming up 2-3 weeks when I take my DSLR with me and go out to take photos..

Since this is not a kind competition where you have to deliver by latest ____ so you can participate, you can feel free to deliver some photos later than the week where it was foreseen.. The point is to keep continuing taking photos and gather comments which hopefully will be helpful to improve your skills and way of seeing your environment..

This article is still not done but I do not want to wait to share it so I just publish it right now.. I am pretty sure that I will write some further thoughts afterwards and hopefully share some photos with respect to the Projects topics..

I want to admit that in the meantime I did not make it to manage my time accordingly and enable myself to be a part of this project.. It is an example when photography is a hobby and not the main source with makes you earn your money. The time left from the huge workload is sometimes only enough to balance your privacy (family) and no more space is given to make additional investments in terms of time for your interests. Furthermore somehow you get reminded that the healthy is a prerequisite in order to undertake any kind of action / way forward..

June-2015 --> I have to admit that I missed my own target as I wrote above. There are several reasons why it did not work for me. But in the end it is on you to make it happen. To support this it helps to have someone around you who is really motivating you and inspires you. I look forward to change my situation in short notice.

It is time to make a kind of "cash check" by end of 2015. Unfortunately in spite of all my enthusiasm I was not to make it even once in 2015 to take a shot for this project.

Again close to the end of 2015 a new group is been set-up at G+ for 2016. And again I will give a try to it. My idea is to keep an eye on my diary and for that reason I took the chance to use the calendar file offered to implement. So at least then I assume to see every Tuesday the new theme and keep motivating even when I am over-rolled with my business appointments.

21.02.2016: Just a short update. I have to admit that in the past almost 2 months I was not able to make a step for this. I was only once able to go out and take some photos and the duration of my session was not longer than 30Min. since it was very very cold outside! But after so much efforts at work it is positive to observe that the "urgency/criticality" is over and I am back in a regular workload period which means that I can forecast and even spend the time as I have it foreseen for my interest. Going to gym and taking photos are the 2 which I prioritize after my family!