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Stockholm.. Attention.. You can fall in love with a city..

My next stop after my Oslo visit was Stockholm.. To be honest: Even I was impressed from Oslo.. Stockholm is way more impressive.. Without to have it in mind it was a good decision to visit first Oslo so my impression increased during my tour..

I am just reviewing my photos.. As once my former boss told me: "Better being late than delivering never!".. So even there is not that much to adjust it takes time to make some minor changes one by one.. In the coming days I am going to upload these and my idea is to write my impression guided by my photos..

Independent of that I could not avoid to upload a few of them.. Here we go..

It was a pleasure to take the time and walk more than 20.000 steps (counted via fitbit) cross Stockholm.. For sure it was a gift that the weather was that sunny in April which I assume is not usual..

Hop on Hop off

It was not a bad idea to take the chance of "hop on hop off" busses. Especially with respect to the 2 days before I spend in Oslo which also was asking my effort via over 20.000 steps a day..

I did not follow a strong way or defined for me in advance a kind of "clear" goal for my "photo-day".. I'd like to enjoy the city and see the locals.. For sure I was prepared and pre-selected a possible route to go before I arrived in Stockholm. But I did not name the day in advance.. I let it happen.. That's why I took several lenses with me to cover a bigger range.. Even my tripod.. Afterwards I will write some about this in terms of lessons learnt..

In terms of preparation I gathered information about latest tipps and advice via google, twitter, Flipboard (iPhone-App), Zite (iPhone-App).

Furthermore I organized all my lodging via airbnb which enabled me to get in close contact with locals and get their input in terms of point of interest which are may not really known online or are very new.

In addition to be able to have an offline Map support on my iPhone I downloaded the map with the appropriate content on "CityMaps2Go" (iPhone-App). I have to admit that I am very impressed about this app. I visited further cities where I downloaded in advance the needed content and every time I was truly impressed with the accuracy of the content covering all details (i.e. Hotel, Food, Nightlife, Entertainment & Arts, Architecture & Buildings, Outdoor, Health & Medical, etc.).

Below I am going to share some photos with additional comments telling about my view , feeling and understanding my environment..

Stockholm need shadow

It was unbelievable but everyone was seeking a place to get in shadow.. Well this conditions was very comfortable but from photography point of view I may prefer to have more clouds..

Chilling in Stockholm in April

Folk was enjoying the sunny day by chilling with a fabulous view.. I was focused on both the view and the people chilling..

Stockholm is hot

This let me feel as if even the ad-stand was affected by the hot and needed to ventilate for a while..:-)

Declassed bike

I always observe a declassed bike.. Even in cities where bicycle is an important part of the locals.. So therefore I do not miss the chance to take a photo when I see one.. May be in the future I bring all them together for a kind of special "City-Bike-Edition":-)

Take a coffee break

The offer of opportunities to take a break and take a coffee is amazing.. Also the people of Stockholm are very friendly and willing to get in conversation with you.. I enjoyed even every break with different impression of discussions.

Running Clinics in Stockholm

Despite the assumption that northern Europe is more grey than colorful.. They are "made of Sport" and the "Running Clinics" take care for healthy population:-) Nevertheless running is not for everyone the preferred sport.. As we see here a lady is just right on their path and does not enjoy the moment.. At least afterwards she expressed to me that even she appreciates that kind of events in this particular case where she had to change her route she did not feel really happy..:-)

Shadows walk along the river

It is amazing to see how many opportunities you have to chill-out the day..  A walk along the river in sun-set is one of it.. To see how many people enjoy's this in their way is also interesting.. Here I am very happy to have the photo where shadows of the people are "in-line".. 

Enjoying the sun in Stockholm

A further example showing how huge the chance is to enjoy the sun.. Well from photography point of view the photo would be more interesting if some clouds would be on the sky.. For the time being I am not an expert using Photoshop.. But thanks to some tutorials and youtube I am pretty sure it should not take that much to get me used in taking actions at Photoshop in order to get the image as good as it "should be"..:-)

Stockholm good old tramway

It was amazing to see that Stockholm keeps the good & old tramway alive.. Especially good for a bw photo but the challenge is to get an appropriate background... Crop is a good solution for sure..

Should I wait or should I go

This lady seems to be local but nevertheless she waited in vain for someone or she was not clear what to do next.. She was even standing reversed wise to the fingerpost to the bar where she may would have the chance to take a drink :-) At least by this it was for me a good opportunity to add a further bw-photo within my portfolio.. Further photos of portfolio are here.

Feeling the sun in Stockholm

Even when you do not have the chance to gather a place to sit.. To feel the sun you only need to close your eyes and lean on a wall.. Than you take your brake and stock up on some sunshine.. 

Time passed away

In the moment I saw this scene I thought about a short lecture.. 3 men where I make the assumption that from left to right they get older.. They are watching the running girl in the background.. It is obviously spring (sea of blossom!).. So for this 3 men the time of full of verve is over.. They need their corner and prefer to watch than to be part of it.. Well.. may be it is farfetched.. But this is what I felt and feel.. 

Stretch your legs and chill-out

A sunny day does not only mean for someone who is seeking for good shots to get tired.. This 2 people are doing exact that think what I was thinking to do at least all the afternoon.. But due to the time constraint and the list of points I'd like to see and take a photo from my point of view I had to move.. Nevertheless frankly said: I was not able to get out in the evening for a long exposure using my tripod which I took with me all over my trip.. In the evening I only had enough power to grab something to eat and go through my images.. Afterwards I persuaded myself to go back again to Stockholm and have an excuse to come back.. Let's see if it works some day..:-)

Finding your corner in the crowd

Even when the day is amazing sunny and you are surrounded with a kind of happiness only by being a part of the day.. You need your privacy.. You seek for a corner for yourself.. may be to come down or to get in touch via "social media" with relatives, family or "old friend"..  

This path was just inviting you to take a walk along the river.. Surprisingly I only took the walk on the other side of the river.. While I was reviewing my images on the plane back to Germany I asked myself why in the hell I did not take the chance to see the view from the other side.. May be next time? :-)

This images is a kind of image where I frankly said did not really know by the moment how to post-process.. But pretty sure that it is telling me a story.. Afterwards I kept a kind of distance to the image by not having a look for a couple of days even weeks.. Then I just start to "play" with my creativity on the images while I am listening some appropriate music.. So that is the outcome for this image whereas I am sure it let's the viewer to think about..

Point is among other experiences I took: Always have an eye on your environment otherwise you may miss the one shot which would be worth to take the journey.. :-)

To be honest: Stockholm was the second step of my 4-Days-Tour in April-2014.. In Oslo where I started I was not really "free" of taking photos on the street including people sometimes.. In Stockholm with the impact of a way impressing city I felt somehow more open and free to take the photos.. I even improved my "view" and seeing of things.. It's been 6 months that I took this photos and I am pretty sure that I would have a kind of "better" shots now when I would have the chance to go back to Stockholm.. This does not mean that I have regrets on my tour from April-2014.. For sure I will develop myself which causes that I develop my knowledge of photography, seeing things and that's fine..


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