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Stockholm.. Attention.. You can fall in love with a city..

My next stop after my Oslo visit was Stockholm.. To be honest: Even I was impressed from Oslo.. Stockholm is way more impressive.. Without to have it in mind it was a good decision to visit first Oslo so my impression increased during my tour..

I am just reviewing my photos.. As once my former boss told me: "Better being late than delivering never!".. So even there is not that much to adjust it takes time to make some minor changes one by one.. In the coming days I am going to upload these and my idea is to write my impression guided by my photos..

Independent of that I could not avoid to upload a few of them.. Here we go..

It was a pleasure to take the time and walk more than 20.000 steps (counted via fitbit) cross Stockholm.. For sure it was a gift that the weather was that sunny in April which I assume is not usual..

Hop on Hop off

It was not a bad idea to take the chance of "hop on hop off" busses. Especially with respect to the 2 days before I spend in Oslo which also was asking my effort via over 20.000 steps a day..

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