Here I am...

On tour in Iceland

Well, this photo was taken during my last participation of Photo-Workshop with Martin Bailey in Iceland this year in October.. Thanks to Thomas Dan Jessen who took care about the photos related to "behind the scenes" I now have several photos remembering me to one of my favorite Photo-Trip. He was one of the participants which I am happy to call as my friend since every participant was good-minded and the group became somehow very harmonized in a short notice.

After years with several and rarely tries in vain to set up my homepage now here I am.. I assume the reason was both myself (with lack of time and knowledge on Wordpress) and my former web-hoster ( Thanks to Koken and my new web-hoster ( with a very strong & prompt support I was able to set-up this page within a "short notice"... Even though I needed several tries without success with Koken but hereto I am sure the mistake was sitting in front of the monitor! My idea and aim is to share with you my journey on photography.. Not only the technical development of mine.. Also the influence on the way I observe my environment and my feelings..

My passion to photography was always given.. But due to some other reasons I was not able to own a DSLR before 2009.. Up to 2009 I was using some point and shoot cameras from Casio.. 

In 2009 I bought me a Canon 40D.. I do not want to deep dive in any "technical" discussion why I preferred Canon instead of Nikon or else... Because I am convinced that for someone who is interested in photography as a hobby can not really claim that the one or other function / requisite is not covered by the one or other manufacturer. The main reason for my call to take Canon was the way of menu / build of Software.. At Canon I was able to handle more easily the wording, content and understand the structure of menu. 

The step from shooting with a "point & shoot" camera to DSLR forced me to understand several depending as ISO, Time and Aperture in photography. This was the first step.. Afterwards I spend and I am still spending time to get more used to handle flashes.. 

After a couple of years Canon 40D was not really covering my need and in addition I wanted to own a full-format DSLR.. I was a big fan of Canon 5D Mark II.. and waited the announcement of Canon 5D Mark III. Except the price I was pretty happy of its introduction.. So since December 2012 I am taking my photos with Canon 5D Mark III.. The Canon 40D is still available as a backup in case needed. 

For the time being I am more interested in Street-Photography, Landscape and Portrait.. But I am not happy to restrict me in photography.. I think it depends on the age and the need to discover some new.. By time I will get interested in other areas of photography.. So that's why I highlighted "for the time being" in the beginning of my sentences.. It is overall a change-process..

I will continue to introduce myself in person and my development on photography..

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